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“Bride” Book Review

Whenever someone suggests a book for me to read, I can’t help but put it on my TBR. When owning a bookstore, I read newer books, but sometimes, I can’t help but read some backlist titles. This time, though, I waited almost a year to read a book.

Bride, by Ali Hazelwood, follows Misery Lark, the daughter of a very important vampire. She is also an outsider. As a child, she is collateral into the human territory, and now, as she is older, she is being married off to an alpha werewolf, but she is far from incapable of keeping herself safe. While in enemy territory, she hunts for clues on the whereabouts of her human best friend. Can she find her friend without finding feelings for the alpha?

When I think of Ali Hazelwood, I always think about her STEM romances that follow the same plot line. That’s not a bad thing. She can write what she knows, and it will sell, but I was so intrigued by her writing a paranormal romance that I couldn’t wait. I had to wait; it took so long to come out officially. When I could finally get my hands on it, I had to read it.

I enjoyed this book. I was surprised at how well this book was written and how much I enjoyed it. This book is written differently than all of Ali’s other work, and I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be as good, but I was very wrong. This book is by far better than any of her others. The character’s development was so unique and fun to read. Misery’s development in dealing with emotions was so interesting. I also loved the web of clues and mystery Ali wove into this book. If you like paranormal romance, you should pick up this book. I was pleasantly surprised, and you will be too.

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