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Clown in a Cornfield

The evolution of social media has been fascinating. Nowadays, it’s all about sharing videos of ourselves engaging in silly dances or pranks. However, in Adam Cesare’s Clown in a Cornfield, we’re transported to a town that’s spiraling into madness following the loss of a child. 


In this horror young adult book, we follow Quinn Maybrook. She’s the new kid in town and wants to make it to graduation. When her father moved them to Kettle Springs, the last thing they expected was for the town’s mascot to be a clown. After the tragic death of Arthur Hill’s daughter, the city blamed the kids and their obsession with social media. It was the kids who almost burnt down the old factory after all. So what happens when the town’s mascot starts killing people? Who will win, and will anyone survive? How does Quinn and her father fit into all the town’s crazy?


First, I must say that a clown as a mascot for a town is crazy, and I would never move there; if I did, I would move away. This book opens with the death of Arthur’s daughter and how that impacted the town. I believe that starting this book this way is an excellent way for you to understand the effect of this girl’s death since this is a massive part of the book, and understanding that kind of helps you understand the townspeople’s views. Not that I think they were right. I found that this book was creepy and had parts that had me hooked. I enjoyed the survival aspect and the major twist in the end. I didn’t see that coming. I thought the social media aspect of the book felt true to the tech-savvy generation. I am not one of those people, but power to them. I am excited to see what’s in store for book two and, soon to be out, book 3. Seriously though, why a clown?

Just For The Summer

Abby Jimenez you have done it again and I’m not upset! How can you write such cute stories? I know that whenever you are publishing a book, I’ll love it! You have created a lifelong fan! 


This story follows Emma and Justin. Both characters have a unique ability. Everyone they date and break up with find their soulmates after. For Justin his ex- girlfriend is now dating his best friend. Emma is a bit harder. She has a specific length and time that she needs to date someone before they find their “one.” These two meet via a reddit post talking about Justin’s love life and they decide to form an experiment. If they date each other will they finally break the curse and find their true loves? 


I can’t tell you how much I ended up loving this book. I loved the characters and the reactions to everything. I enjoyed that the book took place in Minnesota so I knew exactly where the characters were and it was fun to go there and see the places that they were. I do think Maddy is my favorite character and I hope that she will someday get her own story. She deserves it! I have always enjoyed dual point of view books and with this one it really helped reading about both sides’ opinions. I think the only thing I wished about it was that both characters had to make some really hard decisions and I wish they would have gone into a little more detail about them. Justin’s story I wish was a little more explained. I appreciated her take on mental health and some of the struggles that come with it and I hope that no one has to deal with feeling small. It made me happy knowing that Abby showed that bad side and that people could get better. She didn’t make it a quick turn over either. She also states that it’s going to be a struggle for a lifetime and not just fixed. This book is one of my instant favorites!


Sorry I read this one ebook so I didn’t have a physical copy in hand to take pictures with so I decided to go and visit places that the characters were and HB came along for the ride! His friends and I decided to visit Mall of America and visit Crayola Experience and then went to visit Lake Minnetonka, We however didn’t get a picture of the lake. It was cold and HB and his friends wanted to go home and sit in a nice warm bookstore.



This book just came out on April 2nd! So don’t forget to pick up your copy!

Play the Fool Review

Imagine stumbling upon a picture of your deceased friend on a stranger’s phone. Would you be brave enough to delve into the mystery behind their death? This is the intriguing premise of Play the Fool by Lina Chern, a captivating blend of mystery and supernatural elements. 


Katie True is a college dropout and currently failing at anything related to adulting. She currently works at the local mall in a Russian trinket shop. Falling back on what she knows, she read her tarot cards. All that changes when a man comes into the store asking her to read the cards. While he is distracted, she glimpses a picture of her friend Marley. Marley has clearly been murdered. Everything in Katie’s life is thrown upside down as she tries to figure out what happened and deal with her grief. She decides to use her quick wit to solve the murder, but she doesn’t know that she’s about to get into the crossfire of something bigger. Can the cards keep her safe?  


I love the idea of Tarot cards, and when I read the back of this book, I was very excited. How would the Author use the cards? Would they help solve the murder? While these questions were answered. I was slightly let down by the tarot element. It drew me to this book, and it wasn’t a big part of solving the crime. It was kind of tossed in there randomly. I enjoyed the banter between the characters and was happy with Katie’s growth by the end of the book. While this book wasn’t my favorite, I would still say you should give it a chance. I think the Author has a clever and unique story. So, it’s not a 5-star for me, but I would give it a solid 3. Something about it still kept me engaged, and I wanted to keep reading. 

A Fate Inked in Blood review

While Vikings and pillaging are often intertwined, what if the narrative took a different turn? Imagine having a trace of a god or goddess’s blood in you, capable of altering your destiny. Would you embark on a quest to find those fortunate few? Snorri in Fate Inked in Blood by Danelle L Jensen had to deal with just that.

I have always loved the Vikings, and while I admit I don’t know much of Norse mythology, this book makes me want to learn more. I feel like I am missing so much by not knowing about the Norse gods and goddesses. If you like Norse mythology, then you should read this book.
Freya, a seemingly ordinary fishmonger’s wife, holds a secret. She’s not just anyone; she’s special. Snorri, on the other hand, is a man on a mission. He’s been relentlessly searching for the shieldmaiden for years, convinced possessing her would secure his reign. This intriguing dynamic between the characters is what makes the story so compelling.
When Freya’s secret is revealed, Bjoirn, Snorri’s son, is tasked with keeping her safe. Little Does Snorri know that his shield maiden is claimed by someone else. Now, Freya must face trials to prove her worth.

It’s been a while since a book has evoked such a solid love-hate reaction in me. The story was so gripping that I wanted to hurl it across the room in frustration and anticipation. I have yet to come across many 5-star books this year, but this one deserves the accolade. The narrative has kept me engrossed, and the emotional rollercoaster it has taken me on is unparalleled. You could get so deeply immersed in the story that I could feel Freya’s every emotion as she fought her way through. I highly recommend this book, and I’m not the only one. Even our fox HB couldn’t put it down, and he’s one discerning reader!

The Dead Guy Next Door By Lucy Score

Imagine witnessing your neighbor’s death. Would you intervene? Or would you find yourself entangled in a web of suspicion? Lucy Score’s The Dead Guy Next Door explores these gripping scenarios, making it a compelling read for any mystery lover. 


While The Dead Guy Next Door’s initial plot twists may seem overwhelming, Riley’s elderly neighbors’ comedic charm provides a delightful respite. Their witty banter and humorous antics add depth to the story, making it a joy to read.


The romance between Nick and Riley in The Dead Guy Next Door is a slow burn, gradually building up the reader’s anticipation. At the same time, Riley’s character may seem a bit pouty, but her interactions with Nick intrigue the story. 


Overall I would give this book 3 stars. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. I would still recommend people to read since it was interesting and the characters were great. 


“Bride” Book Review

Whenever someone suggests a book for me to read, I can’t help but put it on my TBR. When owning a bookstore, I read newer books, but sometimes, I can’t help but read some backlist titles. This time, though, I waited almost a year to read a book.

Bride, by Ali Hazelwood, follows Misery Lark, the daughter of a very important vampire. She is also an outsider. As a child, she is collateral into the human territory, and now, as she is older, she is being married off to an alpha werewolf, but she is far from incapable of keeping herself safe. While in enemy territory, she hunts for clues on the whereabouts of her human best friend. Can she find her friend without finding feelings for the alpha?

When I think of Ali Hazelwood, I always think about her STEM romances that follow the same plot line. That’s not a bad thing. She can write what she knows, and it will sell, but I was so intrigued by her writing a paranormal romance that I couldn’t wait. I had to wait; it took so long to come out officially. When I could finally get my hands on it, I had to read it.

I enjoyed this book. I was surprised at how well this book was written and how much I enjoyed it. This book is written differently than all of Ali’s other work, and I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be as good, but I was very wrong. This book is by far better than any of her others. The character’s development was so unique and fun to read. Misery’s development in dealing with emotions was so interesting. I also loved the web of clues and mystery Ali wove into this book. If you like paranormal romance, you should pick up this book. I was pleasantly surprised, and you will be too.

INK: A Love Story on 7th and Main

What do tattoos and books have in common? Ink, of course! Why do I ask? What does that have to do with this post? Hang on, I’ll answer all your questions. All you have to do is read on.

When starting a bookstore, I had so many questions, so when I picked up this book called INK: A Love Story on 7th and Main, I couldn’t help but sympathize with the main character, Emmie. She had just inherited her grandmother’s bookstore and was trying to decide if she wanted to reopen it or sell the building. Emmie decided to open again, thanks to many fond memories, but with a little twist. She was going to share the space with a tattoo shop. Ox Had recently been dumped by his girlfriend and boss. So not only was she throwing his clothes out the window, she was also screaming for him to get his stuff from her Tattoo shop. When he and Emmie finally sat down and talked through everything, and how they would do this, everything started to fall into place. The one rule is that they can’t date each other. We all know how rules go in a romance book.

This book was exactly what I needed. I really enjoyed this light and fluffy read. The author, Elizabeth Hunter, did a fantastic job creating characters that had depth and were believable. I found a few things I wish she had done better, but overall, the story was cute, and the characters were great. Ginger had to be my favorite character, and I wished she was in it more. She’s Ox’s ex-girlfriend and a drama queen! Every one of the interactions with her just made me laugh. First, she throws Ox’s clothes out the window, and then the next, she tries to scare Emmie from opening her shop. This book didn’t have much spice, and their love story was cute. If you want something to read and enjoy some crazy characters, I think this book is a good one to pick up.