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Char Reviews Game Changer

Once upon a time, there was a subgenre in the world of romance called sports romance. Unlike all the other subgenres, this one is focused on one character being obsessed with a sport. In Lana Fergusons’s new book The Game Changer, the sport of choice is hockey. 

This hot story follows two people. Ian Chase, the hockey player with a past, and Delilah Baker, who actually is a baker. Ian is finally coming home to retire from the hockey world. Being a PR nightmare, he and his team must figure out how to get him some good press. Enter super cute baker Delilah. Delilah’s baking show has hit a wall, and she needs some more views, or she could get canceled. In a last-ditch attempt to help both of their problems, Ian joins Delilah in the kitchen. After some steamy moments in the kitchen, the internet goes crazy, thinking that they are an item. So, they decide to enter into a fake relationship for positive PR. Little does Ian know that Delilah has been crushing on him since she was twelve. Ian, however, has never seen her more than a little sister. Can they keep their feelings at bay while navigating this relationship, or will everything come crashing down?

I never thought I would see the day that Lana would write a sports romance, but here we are. I loved her two other books, the fake mate and the nanny. So when I found out that she was writing another one. I couldn’t wait. I had to pick it up. Now I’m a girl who likes spicy sports romance even though I know nothing of sports. Yep, that’s me. I also knew that I would love this book because of the author. I will still give her credit for writing books that I can’t put down, and when I have to, I get mad. I just have to keep reading. I can’t help it. I love the way she writes and how real the characters feel. You can’t help but be sucked in. 

Please note that this book is a new release and will be available July 9th 2024!

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