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Char Reviews The Fallen Series!

I wanted to do something a little different this week for the store’s review post. I will not be reviewing one, not two, but four books! A series if I am being honest. The first book When She Unravels By Gabrielle Sands was recommended to me by one of our customers who happens to love dark romances. She is the reason we have some in the store. Anyway, this one caught my eye when she talked about it. Little did I know that it was part of a series.

I read this whole series in one weekend and I am not ashamed to admit that. These dark mafia romance books follow the Garzolo sisters and their marriages, with one exception of one De Rossi sister. Don’t worry it will make sense as to why she’s part of the group. Each book is about a new couple but be warned you will need to read them in order because each couple is included in every book, so if you read them out of order you will spoil some things for yourself. 

Each book has it’s own trope in it from enemies to lovers, unplanned pregnancy, age gap, and arranged marriage. I will also warn you that there are trigger warnings in the beginning of each book so please be aware of that. I really enjoyed each character’s story and everything that these girls had to face. Seriously, these girls are strong women! I know I say this all the time but I am a sucker for banter between the characters and I absolutely loved the characters. Each person is written beautifully. So I think these are worth the read.  Seriously though if you like dark mafia romances I really think you should give these a shot. I couldn’t put them down. Below I will have synopsis of each book like all my other reviews.

When She Unravels follows Valentina Garzolo. In the enemies to lovers Valentina has  been raised to be the perfect mafia wife. The only problem is her not so perfect husband. Lazaro is one of her father’s men. He’s not a good man and because of that he makes his wife do traumatizing things. Eventually Valentina reaches her limits and decides to help the victim escape. She is now on the run so she decided to take whatever flights she can to get away. That’s how she lands herself on a partiers dream island of Ibzia. The only thing she has to do is land a job and keep her head down. Well that’s going to be a hard thing when her boss is very attractive and a bit possessive of her. Will her past catch up with her and what will happen?

When She Tempts is an age gap romance that follows Martina De Rossi. Martina’s brother is starting a war to become the new Don of one of the biggest clans in the Mafia world. For her safety he sends her into hiding with someone he trusts. The only problem is that Martina isn’t acting herself. After some trauma she is a shell of a person and Nero is determined to bring her back out. He tries to hold back his attraction to her but fails. Does she love him? Will her brother accept this love?


When She Falls in an unplanned pregnancy following Gemma Garzolo. Gemma has been arranged to marry a man she doesn’t have feelings for but plans to go through with it because of the family. She will do anything for her family. That all changes when she gets sick at her sister’s wedding and Ras notices a bruise on her cheek. Ras is Damiano De Rossi’s second and best friend. He has a strange attraction to Gemma’s fire but during the wedding he notices that she is different around her family. After Gemma gets sick Ras is determined to find out why she has a bruise. So he will do anything to protect her, even give up his position. Gemma can’t help falling for this annoying and protective man. Can’t she break off her marriage? What will happen when she finds out she is pregnant?

When She Loves is an arranged marriage that follows Cleo Garzolo. Cleo will do anything for her sister, even if that means giving up her dreams and marrying her sister’s ex- fiancé. Determined to ruin his life Cleo comes up with a plan. The only problem is that she doesn’t realize how attractive her new husband is. Rafaele is determined to tame his new wife that he feels over protective of. Can she break through his tough exterior and ruin his life? Can he tame the wild child of the Garzolo’s?




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