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Char Thinks The Darkest Minds Is A Great Read

What would you do if your child suddenly gained power? This happens in The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken, but it causes worldwide panic. This Dystopian read has it all: adventure, special powers, and found family.  

Ruby changed on her tenth birthday; she had a new, dangerous ability. This ability frightened her parents, so they sent her away. The police took her to a camp with other children who had also gained abilities. The problem was that Ruby gained one of the dangerous ones. In the panic and confusion, Ruby convinced the doctor she had a lesser ability and went on to live with other kids for six years. Now, at sixteen, the counselors have realized that there is something different about her, and now she is on the run. She stumbles upon a group of kids and joins them as they search for a haven for kids like them. The problem is they are being chased by the government and an organization that wants them captured for their reasons. Can they escape? Will Ruby have to make a decision that could help her new friends? 

This year has been a year of rereads, and this is one of them. I read this book in high school and loved the series. The difference now is that my love of the characters has changed. Ruby was my favorite; her part was well-written. I’m sorry to say that that is no longer the case. My favorite character is now Liam. I am so surprised Liam’s character has so much depth. He keeps a straight face to space the feelings of the younger character but also inspires those around him to keep going. I wish that this story had more point-of-view changes. It would have had a more substantial storyline, being able to get into the other characters’ heads, not just glimpses. This story is still fantastic and will keep you asking for more. 

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