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Charlotte’s Web review

HB and his little friend Frank the Spider are excited to talk to you about one of the world’s most outstanding children’s books, Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White. Most adults nowadays have read this book, but something you didn’t know is that this book is about to be banned. Books get banned because someone somewhere thinks the book is inappropriate for the age group it is marketed for. As for Charlotte’s Web, it’s getting banned because it talks about death, and the little girl can understand the animals.

This story follows Wilber, the pig, as he grows. The looming future of his possible death scares him and his new friends at the barn. This is where he meets a very wise and intelligent spider named Charlotte. She doesn’t like the idea of her friend dying, so she tries to help by writing on her web. Well, it works, and Wilbur becomes a famous pig. 

This story holds an extraordinary place in my heart. Not only do I share a name with the super wise and amazing spider Charlotte, but I also really love this book. When I heard that someone was trying to ban it, I couldn’t help but reread it. So, I took my time and read it to my kids. I still believe that this story is well written, and while it talks about a big theme like death, I think it was written interestingly. It’s said that children can understand the concept and still enjoy reading it. While banning books is not good, parents should be ready to talk to their kids about questions they might have. Telling someone they can’t read something will only make them want to read it more. Believe me, I have experience with that. So again, this book is a wonderful story, and everyone should read it. Even when you are older. Just because I’m an adult doesn’t mean I can’t read children’s or middle-grade books. 

So here we are, HB, Frank the Spider; my kids and I sat down to read an amazing book. Please pick up a copy and enjoy the story yourself!