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Char’s Review Of Summer Vamp!

 What’s better than making memories at camp? The camp has always been a highlight of my summer, but for Mia in Summer Vamp by Violet Chan Karim, it didn’t go as planned. 

This book follows Mia, a culinary-obsessed girl whose father is in a new relationship. Mia has never been to summer camp before. It was always too expensive, but when her father’s girlfriend decides to move in and make the transition for her better, they decide that she should go to her dream culinary camp while they move his girlfriend in. Mia is more than excited and decides to pack basically her whole kitchen. The only problem is that she gets on the wrong bus and is headed to the wrong camp! Oh, the Horror! She later realizes it, but the problem is that she is the only human in a camp full of vampires! How will she survive? Will she make it to her culinary camp?

This book was fantastic! I loved the growth of their friendships, and I thought it felt so real. It would be an excellent read for any middle grader scared of going to camp. Mia was a fantastic character and did very well with what she was given. Was she scared? Well, yes, but by the end of the book, she wanted to go back. I loved how each character had their own personality, and overall, the author did a fantastic job.