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Char’s Review Of The Canadian Boyfriend

What happens when your fake boyfriend is a very real person, and you end up falling for him all over again? That crazy scenario happened to Aurora Evans in Canadian Boyfriend by Jenny Holiday. Would you tell him the truth about everything or hide it? What could go wrong? 

Aurora Evans is a failed ballerina in her eyes. She’s left New York to start teaching children tap and jazz. She never knew that boy she met in the Mall of America years ago. Where he was in town for a hockey tournament. Years later, he walks into the studio where she works with his daughter. She never thought she would see him again, but sparks flew instantly, and over time and some silly adventures, they came to learn so much about each other. The only problem is he is dealing with just losing his wife, and she is coping with her crippling mental health. Can they overcome it to be together, or will it pull them apart?

This is the first book my friend and I read together purposefully. I enjoyed this book. It mentions eating disorders and grief, but it was handled really well. I found that both Aurora and Mike were likable characters, but the growth that they both went through together built a very heartwarming story. The characters could even joke about some of the things they had gone through. Olivia, Mike’s daughter, is a ball of energy throughout the story but has things she is working through. The Author did a fantastic job at creating characters that felt real and also helped resolve each other’s issues.  It’s a beautiful story with a lot of love.

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