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Char’s Take On ‘Can’t Spell Treason Without Tea’

Contrary to my belief, cozy fantasies extend beyond the realm of Legends and Lattes. My foray into this genre led me to the delightful work of Rebecca Thorne. ‘‘ is a unique gem, set in an atmospheric bookstore with a charming tea shop. It’s a book that demands to be savored, preferably with a steaming cup of tea in hand!

Reyna and Kianthe want to open a bookshop that serves tea. The problem is their jobs. Reyna is the queen’s personal guard, and Kianthe is the most powerful mage. So, trying to have a quiet life isn’t possible. That all changes when Reyna is taken hostage, and she decides she’s over all of this and just wants to be with her girlfriend. So she decides to flee her current life and hide in a small town with her girlfriend. That’s where they choose to open their shop and live their dreams, but the queen won’t have them. The queen throws the most enormous temper tantrum that could end their cozy tale. 

I have waited over a year to get my hands on this book! First, the two main characters are written beautifully. Their love for each other knows no bounds, and it was wonderful reading about it. I also love the dedication, “For anyone who needs a cup of tea and a nice book. You’ve earned it.” That dedication couldn’t be more fitting for this book. Aside from all that, it’s a well-written love story in a cozy atmosphere. If you also like small towns coming together, this slice of life is for you. When reading this book, you’ll fall in love with the characters and all their problems.  

While I wouldn’t award this book a perfect 5 stars, I believe it deserves a solid 4. The book, though enjoyable, does have its slower moments that can make the story feel a bit dragged out. However, if you can push through these parts, you’ll find a story that’s worth your time and love!