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Hearthside Books and Uptown Bar & Grill Pop Up A Pop-Up Book Fair!

There was a sunny, cloudless sky and a crisp breeze on the outside, but inside the Uptown Bar and Grill in Waverly, Minnesota, things were starting to heat up on this early Sunday afternoon. Book people were setting up. Book people were lining up. And we were all there to try something a little new, with fingers crossed it would work out.

A Pop-Up Book Fair!

Tash and Judd, owners of the Uptown Bar and Grill, conceived of this idea a few months ago, hoping to bring something a little fun and different to downtown Waverly to break up the doldrums of winter.

Fingers crossed.

Then the questions started.

“Is it just for kids?” Nope, this book fair would be for everyone – sort of like a school book fair for everybody!

Will there be books I like? The shelves will be stocked with literally hundreds of titles. If you like to read, you’ll find a book.

Will there be more than books? There’ll also be artisan wares, wine from Fountain Hills Winery in Delano, Girl Scout cookies, and delicious hometown eats.

Then, the big question. Will people come?

Fingers crossed.

Yes! People came. They lined up all afternoon! And they shopped, ate, drank, and talked books. It was literally a book lover’s paradise and so much fun!

Everyone was beaming with smiles and packed bags when we finally closed up shop. Simply put, it was a wonderful day.

I can’t thank Uptown Bar and Grill enough for hosting. Everything was perfect. I’m still at a loss for words on how this event went. Eric and I already have some fun ideas for next time.

This event was such a big deal for me. I got to share my joy of books with so many people. Thanks to all who came out. Thanks for being kind, and thanks for loving books! I love seeing new faces and making new friends. We hope you’ll soon stop by our store in Watertown.

To Tash and Judd: All those months ago, when you emailed me asking about doing a book fair, I was excited and, I’m not gonna lie, a little scared. We had just opened Hearthside Books, and the thought of an event like this was a little overwhelming.

Now that the fair is over, I am sending an enormous thank you to EVERYONE at Uptown Bar and Grill and their unique and kind staff. This event would have never happened if it weren’t for you guys, and I am so glad it did.

I wanted to thank Fountain Hill Winery and the Girl Scout troop for joining the fun, though we were too busy to spend much time together.

I also want to thank my business partner, Eric, for jumping aboard with this crazy idea. If it weren’t for you, my dream of owning a bookstore would have never come true, and I don’t think I will ever be able to thank you enough.

And to all who pitched in to help – THANKS!

Most importantly, thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed the afternoon with us! We’re already looking forward to next time.


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