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Is Spellshop Char’s favorite door of the year?

What would you do if your world turned upside down and the only place you called home was up in flames? Kiela, in the book Spellshop by Sarah Beth Durst, has to deal with that just problem. Does she hide or come out from this problem with a new and unique outlook on life?

When the world burns all around you, where will you go? Kiela never thought that the revolution would reach her library. One day, her assistant came running to get her and pull her out of her home. Where would they go, and what would they do? She saved as many books as she could and fled to the island of her birth. After finding her childhood home in ruins, she decides to take matters into her own hands. As she cleans the house, she discovers memories and finds an old cookbook. Deciding to open a jam shop for the town, she uses some of the spells she saved from the library. At first, it starts out as a way to make a living, but it soon turns into her trying to help the island town and the animals of the sea. Her nosey neighbor also shows up at some very inconvenient times. 

If you love the cozy fantasy genre, this is another book you should read. While the stakes are higher for Kiela than other fantasies, it still has a comfy and happy feel. I fell in love with the characters right from the beginning and struggled to put this book down.  Kiela was a very relatable character because I agree that sometimes books make better company than others. I loved Caz and his ability to grasp things much faster than Kiela. Also, Meep is probably one of the best side characters. Honestly, there wasn’t much I didn’t like about this book. I really enjoyed it. I even cried when the book ended… I wish there was more to this beautiful story.

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