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Just For The Summer

Abby Jimenez you have done it again and I’m not upset! How can you write such cute stories? I know that whenever you are publishing a book, I’ll love it! You have created a lifelong fan! 


This story follows Emma and Justin. Both characters have a unique ability. Everyone they date and break up with find their soulmates after. For Justin his ex- girlfriend is now dating his best friend. Emma is a bit harder. She has a specific length and time that she needs to date someone before they find their “one.” These two meet via a reddit post talking about Justin’s love life and they decide to form an experiment. If they date each other will they finally break the curse and find their true loves? 


I can’t tell you how much I ended up loving this book. I loved the characters and the reactions to everything. I enjoyed that the book took place in Minnesota so I knew exactly where the characters were and it was fun to go there and see the places that they were. I do think Maddy is my favorite character and I hope that she will someday get her own story. She deserves it! I have always enjoyed dual point of view books and with this one it really helped reading about both sides’ opinions. I think the only thing I wished about it was that both characters had to make some really hard decisions and I wish they would have gone into a little more detail about them. Justin’s story I wish was a little more explained. I appreciated her take on mental health and some of the struggles that come with it and I hope that no one has to deal with feeling small. It made me happy knowing that Abby showed that bad side and that people could get better. She didn’t make it a quick turn over either. She also states that it’s going to be a struggle for a lifetime and not just fixed. This book is one of my instant favorites!


Sorry I read this one ebook so I didn’t have a physical copy in hand to take pictures with so I decided to go and visit places that the characters were and HB came along for the ride! His friends and I decided to visit Mall of America and visit Crayola Experience and then went to visit Lake Minnetonka, We however didn’t get a picture of the lake. It was cold and HB and his friends wanted to go home and sit in a nice warm bookstore.



This book just came out on April 2nd! So don’t forget to pick up your copy!

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