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Love in the Time of Serial Killers

True crime is a popular genre, but what happens when you combine a true crime obsession and love? It could be a disaster. For Phoebe in Love in the Time of Serial Killers by Alicia Thompson, you find out if her obsession or love will win. 


Phoebe is coming home to help get her deceased father’s house to sell. After an unfortunate night, she begins to think that her neighbor is a serial killer. After observing him for a few days, she realizes he has some weird comings and goings. Could her true crime obsession be getting the best of her? Her brother Connor jumps in and out of the story but ultimately helps push Phoebe to get to know her new neighbor. 

Sam is just a nice guy. He may be a little shy, but he likes to lend a helping hand overall. However, when his new neighbor turns out to be an interesting and attractive girl, he can’t help but wonder. At first, she seems skittish around him, but soon, she warms up to him, and the sparks start to fly. What will happen when her obsession makes her seem cold and heartless? Will Sam break through that tough exterior? 


I found the first ¼ of this book hard to get through, but once the banter starts between the characters, it starts to get good. Phoebe was very cold and anxious about things, but when she let herself feel, she became a more enjoyable character. I loved her interactions with her brother and friend Alison. My favorite part of the book has to be when she adopts a cat or brings Sam half a pie. Sam’s character is so well-written. I love how he makes jokes and goes with whatever Phoebe says. The banter, for me, really makes the book, and let me tell you, this author was on point! All the characters could dish it out but also take it.