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Reviews by Char “Throne Of Glass”

Is there ever a book you love so much that you try to reread it year after year? I have a couple of them, but I always go back to Throne of Glass By Sarah J. Maas. The adventure, mystery, and witty banter keep me returning for more. 

Celaena is a captured assassin. So, when summoned to the castle, she leaves her punishment behind. Only to be entered into a competition ruled by the rich. A competition where she could win her freedom and become the king’s assassin or return to the mines from which she was taken. After befriending the crowned prince and the Captain of the guard, she thinks they will protect her from the king. Suddenly, the chosen competitors start dying off, and to defend herself, Celaena must figure out what’s happening or risk being next. 

I am a huge Maas fan. Throne Of Glass is my favorite series here, and whenever I need something to read but can’t get into anything, this series is what I pick back up. I can’t tell you how many times I have read this book. I love and hate things about each character, but I still can’t get enough of them.  While this is only the first book in the series, and you only get a little taste of the characters, you won’t be able to help pick up the next and the next.

There are moments when Celaena is fantastic and other times, I want to scream at her. Celaena’s banter and wit are unchallenged. Plus, she loves books! Chaol is the broody, good guy that you can’t help but love and hate at times. He is the Captain of the Guard, so he only cares about what the royals are doing and ensuring they are safe, which is hard when you have Dorian to deal with. Dorian seems to love putting himself in danger. He also has a crush on a certain assassin, so things get complicated. Of course, then people start dying, and Chaol blames Celaena, so there are issues there. Overall, this book will suck you in. All of Sarah J. Maas’s books are this way.

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