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The Cats of Silver Crescent

Imagine a world where cats not only talk but also possess magical abilities and wear the most adorable outfits. You’ll step into this enchanting realm when you read The Cats of Silver Crescent by Kaela Noel. This delightful middle-grade book is a gateway to a world filled with magic and talking cats, a hard-to-re resist combination!

Elsby has to spend her summer with her aunt. You would think she would want to, but Elsby loves being just her and her mom. However, when her mother takes a job and can’t take Elsby, she is forced to stay with her aunt. After spending some time in the garden, she notices something weird: A cat wearing clothes and walking on 2 feet. The only more bizarre thing is that they happen to be her next-door neighbors and need Elsby’s help. Can Elsby survive falling into the world of magic and talking cats? 

Firstly, I chose this book because it’s a middle-grade novel, and I wanted to read it to my kids because it has talking cats! If you don’t know, I love cats and stories about talking cats. I enjoyed this story of friendship and troubles. The story hit me when Elsby meets Penelope, and they become fast friends. When you move, you tend to lose friends. This book is so well written. I love Elsby’s point of view, and even when thinking through her problems, that’s how a kid would believe through them. This book is excellent if you want to talk to your kids about making friends and how sometimes friendships can be tricky.