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What Char Thinks About That Time I Got Drunk And Yeeted A Love Potion At A Werewolf

What could be better than a romantic comedy? Maybe a romcom with fantastic characters, a great story, and a lot of spice! That Time I Got Drunk And Yeeted A Love Potion At A Werewolf by Kimberly Lemming is all of that and more. Katie Robert states, “This book has it all!” I know the title is long, but this continuation of That Time I Got Drunk And Saved A Demon is worth the pick-up. 

This spicy romance follows Brie and Felix. One night, Felix is just minding his own business and having a pint at the local pub, that is, until something hits the back of his head. He turns to fight the person in question but finds his mate, Brie…. Or so he thinks. Brie was just enjoying time in the pub when an annoying sooter decided to pour a bit of love potion into her drink. She finds out and throws it, only to hit an unsuspecting Felix.

Felix claims he’s in love and won’t leave Brie’s side. For a girl who doesn’t want to marry, she is stuck. She has two weeks until the love potion will wear off. Can her feelings handle the two weeks, or will everything fall apart?

Who doesn’t love it when an accident happens and it turns into a funny and spicy romance. I know I sure do! I recommended the first book in the series a few months back, and this book is just as funny and spicy. I can’t believe it took me so long to read this book. Brie is so amusing. Reading her emotions and thoughts was so enjoyable as every crazy thing happened. Felix was just as lovable as he was in the first book. He may be cuter after he falls for the adorable cheesemaker, Brie. Seriously, pick this series up.

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