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What Does Char Think Of Last Call At The Local?

ADHD and OCD affect millions of Americans, but most people associate OCD with people who obsessively clean, but there are other levels to it. ADHD is also associated with people who never stop moving and just can’t sit still. While these two disorders affect many, there’s still much to learn. Sarah Grunder Ruiz, author of Last Call at the Local, creates charming characters struggling with ADHD and OCD. Would you read a love story that isn’t perfect?

Raine Hart’s nomadic lifestyle has to come to an end. After losing all her possessions, Raine tries to figure out the next step in life when she finds a cute Irish bar. After leaving Boston to live this lifestyle, she is stuck. Depressed and unprepared to call her parents, she meets Jack Dunne, a cute and tattooed guy. Raine accidentally insults him and the pub, but Jack takes it all in stride. He offers her a job to bring the pub to life. It’s only when the job starts that the sparks begin to fly, and though they both have problems, they find that because of them, they just work. However, as the end of their contract starts to loom, can their feelings manage Raines’ call for freedom and adventure?

ADHD is something that I have struggled with most of my life, so I can understand why Raine left Boston to travel a more easygoing lifestyle. However, I think I could only rely on something other than traveling. I like to have a home to come back to and my family. This book handles both ADHD and OCD so well. The author did a fantastic job at researching it so that she could accurately portray both disorders. I also loved how music was a massive part of this story, even though Raine lost her guitar. The love that developed between Jack and Raine was pure and just so well written. I enjoyed how easily it came to Jack to give even though things were hard for him.

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